Fire Products

Fire rated aluminium windows and doors

Installing a purpose-built fire protection system not only safeguards your property and its inhabitants, it can also increase the overall value of the building. AGS in Shropshire offer a range of fire rated doors and fixed windows that are fully compliant with EU standards. The superior level of fire protection is achieved thanks to specialised cooling agents, water resistant swelling gaskets and specialized glazing clips. Our experienced team will be more than happy to advise you on the best configuration for your scheme, please get in touch via the Quick Enquiry Form

High Performance Fire Rated Fixed Windows

Concept System 77 Fire Proof is a high quality partitioning/fixed window system that combines elevated requirements regarding thermal insulation, stability, safety and fire resistance. The CS 77-FP is compliant with EU regulations and E130 and E160 classification for fire resistance. The performance is defined by directly exposing the construction to fire in order to determine the stability, thermal insulation and radiation insulation over a certain amount of time. 

Innovative Fire Rated Doors

AGS supply innovative fireproof doors and fixed window systems that can divide buildings into a number of protected areas. Fire doors are able to be installed in almost any configuration and are generally linked by escape routes and exits. Our fully integrated systems combine unbeatable thermal insulation,  stability, fire resistance, access control, panic and emergency exit functionalities and smoke tightness.
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